Hello this is Abby Yang from Taiwan 🇹🇼,
a rationally emotional n emotionally rational design nerd I’d say.
Nice to meet you :)

Currently I’m studying Commuincation Design
in The Hong Kong Polytechninc University. 

Branding is my favourite feild in design ;)
Recently I’m exploring creative coding for more design possibility.

It’s my gift to be a visual language speaker to communincate with graphics and I believe it is our responsibility to speak for the unspoken︎

In after life, I hope I can be a happy deHamster---
a happy hamster with the identity of designer.


/2019 - 2023
(BA) Hons Communication Design
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Creative Coding Online Short Course
UAL Creative Computing Institute


PolyU Department of English Logo Design Competition

︎Silver Award︎
Graphis New Talent Annual 2022

︎Second runner up︎
PolyU Computer Alumni Association Logo Design Competition

Work Experiences_

/2021 Sep - 2022 May
[Design Assistant]
PolyU English and Communication Department

/2021 Aug - 2022 Apr
[Identity Designer]
PolyU Technology and Consultancy Co. Ltd