DBOARD is an integrate mobile plateform for design events lovers to get more access to related infomration and join discussion with other after the events.


/Group work
# identity
# art direction,
# merchandise design

Design Story_
Under the Covid pandemic,  oversea design students heavily rely on extracurricular sources like exhibition during online teaching period. However, my friend and I as one of the oversea students encounter several pain points when we are trying to find more information and reviews of the events for further learning.

Therefore, we hope to improve the pre- and post- exhibition experience by developing an integrated platform which we named DBOARD with the message of this app is as if the boarding pass that brings you to a broader world of design.



Destination ︎︎︎ Design
The name DBOARD is the combination of “Design” and “Boarding”.

The experience of visiting to every exhibition is like traveling abroad within a shortime. Through  every visiting, we gain inspiration from the display and further broaden our vision.  

We hope the app DBOARD as a boarding pass that brings user to a broader world of art and design.  
Therefore, the identity play with the arrow element in the traveling scenario to deliver the app rationale.

目的地 ︎︎︎ 設計



Creative n Bold ︎︎︎ The essence of young design souls
The color scheme of DBOARD applies the high saturated vibrant aqua green with the high contrast purple to attarct and reflect the personality of the target users: young and bold design and art lovers. The logotype applies Frutiger, which is one of the common element in the airport wayfinding system to reflect the naming image of the app.

創意、大膽 ︎︎︎ 年輕的設計靈魂


Season up your exhibition experince with air traveling vibe !

Even if it is hard to travel abroad at the moment, however you can decorate your laptops with the trendy DBOARD stickers as a self comfort!

To promote the app, we came up with serval merchandise like luggage stickers, suitcase tag that have the strong airport vibe. Fresh mint candies are also provided for you to refresh yourself for the next exhibition journey.