You Should

You Should


YOU SHOULD is a poster series about the gender equality issue. 

Women have long been the victims of gender inequality and gender stereotypes, whereas men are often positioned as the victimizer.
However, men are also the victims of the issues while they are having the so-called male privilege.

Through the medium and form of religious iconography, the poster series hopes to raise people's awareness and reflection on the gender inequality issue that both women and men are suffering.


︎Silver Award︎  Graphis New Talent Annual 2022
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The original sin we bear is not the fact of our birth but the sex we are born to be.

Our subjectivity is as if dominated by the letter "M" or "F" we filled in the blank.
We are crowned in the crown of thorns called sex and crucified on the cross called social expectations.

Those saints who meet the expectations are praised and worshiped,
forming iconographs and doctrines, reminding us to bear how a man/woman should.


The only thing we should is to free ourselves from this social crucification.